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My Vision


My vision is several senior communities that offer graduating care as needed from no care to skilled care.  Today seniors commonly live at home until they need help. They may move into an independent living apartment complex to take advantage of two meals a day, housekeeping, and maintenance care. Most facilities have a driver that takes residents to schedule appointments. On site activities also provide social interaction for residents. As long as they can live independently, residents enjoy the benefits of the community.  However, if a medical change such as a stroke occurs, residents need rehabilitation and in-home health care. Quality of life changes dramatically. The independent living apartment complex may refer residents to a care agency. Residents can get extra in-home help from an agency, if they can afford it. More often residents are forced to find a “more suitable” place to live when they have greater needs. Assisted living is an option, but you have to physically and mentally qualify for assisted living. If you cannot take care of most of your needs independently or with very little assistance you will not qualify for assisted living. At this point options are usually limited to help from family and friends or moving into a nursing home.


I had a patient who had a stroke and had trouble standing up after sitting down in a chair. Once up though she could do whatever she needed, cook, light housekeeping, and personal grooming. She just couldn’t stand up without assistance. Her small struggle disqualified her for an assisted living apartment. Her only option was a nursing home. This is a reality that people face every day. There has to be a better solution!


This is my solution. A senior community that scales from no care, to assisted care, to skilled care as you need it. You choose the service's you need when you need them with an open plan cost of living. It's an all-inclusive program. At 60 you may not need or want meals cooked for you, but at 75 you may decide it's time to add the service. Housekeeping may be the only thing you feel you need in the beginning. Drivers are available when you decided you can no longer drive, but you have a place for your car until that day. On-site and Off-site activities are available for all ages. Tennis, golf, and swimming are available in the community. You can live as independently as you wish. However, as you age there is no need to move. You can receive rehabilitation in your own home. We have a full care-giving staff available to you. As your needs change we change with you. We keep you in your community home. You don't have to move out; you don't have to call your children or friends to help. You don't even have to re-qualify. I envision a place that blesses clients with peace of mind throughout their aging experience no matter what curve ball life throws at them.




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